About Dr. Martindale

Dr. Elsbeth Martindale, Psychotherapist, Author, Lecturer in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Elsbeth Martindale is a Licensed Psychologist, licensed in Oregon since 1991, and licensed in California as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor in 1986. She is active and directive in her approach to psychotherapy, suggesting readings and homework to augment therapy. She believes that each client is an expert in the concerns of their lives. By combining the client’s current knowledge with the tools of a skillful therapist, the challenges and difficulties of life can be approached with new and more effective strategies. Dr. Martindale has great trust in the individual’s ability to creatively transform “problems” into opportunities for understanding and growth. Dr. Martindale values the creative impulse, believing that it is the reflection of our truest nature.

Feel free to contact the office if you wish to speak with Dr. Martindale. She is open to questions about her philosophy, training, and personal values.

You may also view Dr. Martindale’s resumé if you wish to see a more formal accounting of her professional interests and accomplishments.

Courage to Bloom, Dr. Elsbeth Martindale

Dr. Martindale has been developing a variety of tools, products and resources for a broad audience to use and enjoy, whether or not they are actively engaged in therapy.  More information about these tools can be found at CourageToBloom.com.